WCE works with technologies such as Thermal Imaging (Infrared Thermography) to perform preventative maintenance for our customers facilities.


What Is Infrared Thermography?


Defined as the process of acquisition and analysis of thermal information from non-contact thermal imaging devices. Thermography means “writing with heat”, just like photography means “writing with light”. The picture that is generated is called a thermogram or thermal image. “Infrared” is what makes it non-contact – there are ways of creating thermal images with contact methods also, but are a much more intrusive way. The word “science should not scare us off. Most everything in our daily lives can be turned into science if we extend it beyond common knowledge. In our case, we need to know how to take thermograms and analyze them. This includes the operation of the instrument and understanding of heat, temperature, and heat transfer. Our cameras are non-contact thermal imaging devices.


Benefits Of Thermography


  • Reduce unscheduled power outages

  • Detect problems quickly, without interrupting service

  • Assess priorities for corrective action

  • Minimize preventative maintenance and troubleshooting time

  • Comply with insurance company requirements

  • Check for defective equipment while still under manufacturer warranty


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