Our companies roots date back to the 1950's when co-founders junction to form Wareham & Crowe Electric Limited which still to this day operates under this name. Craftsmanship was always important, but there was something that differentiated us from other  electricians - Integrity.

Since 1956, this was never intentional but due to the hard work ethic, finishing jobs on time and never cutting corners. The work was always done right - the first time - and customers appreciate that.

Over 6 decades later WCE still has that same integrity it had in its early days and employees some of the most qualified electricians in the region.

The team is built on a foundation of skill and passion. Each and every electrician is uniquely qualified to provide optimal performance, getting your project off the ground in record time. We are skilled with the ability to work efficiently, safely and respectfully with other trades and owners.

Our Approach

We don't just hire qualified persons...

We want people that can think, problem solve when things arise and communicate precisely and clearly to the people that are working with to safely efficiently complete projects. We work with common sense, safety and responsiveness to get things done. In Winnipeg or a surrounding community? We want to be you electrical service provider.

Dustin Story
CEO / President

President / CEO Dustin Story is a Red Seal Journeymen Electrician who has been working in the industry for 24 years. Dustin holds a contractors licence in the city of Winnipeg and oversees business operations at Wareham & Crowe Electric.

Tony Navarrete
Estimator /
Project Manager 

Tony Navarrete is a Red Seal Journeymen Electrician who has been working in the industry for  22 years. He has extensive knowledge of electrical systems. Working on estimating, project managment and supervising with Wareham & Crowe Electric.

Maureen Story
Maureen Story
Office Assistant

Maureen Story has been in adminstation for 15 years. Assisting with daily office tasks with Wareham & Crowe Electric.

Jeritt Story
Jeritt Story
RSE / CSO / L2 Thermographer
COO / Vice President

Vice President /COO Jeritt Story is a Red Seal Journeymen Electrician who has been working in the industry for 20 years. Certified Thermographer and Construction Safety Officer. Jeritt manages safety,  thermography, concrete drilling and HR at Wareham & Crowe  Electric.

Mike Nault
Mike Nault
Estimator / 
Project Manager 

Mike Nault is a Red Seal Journeymen Electrician who has been working in the industry for 26 years. He has 6 years of estimating experience and is Wareham & Crowe Electric's lead Estimator. Mike also acts as a Project Manager.

Tracey Barnard
Tracey Barnard
Office Manager

Tracey Barnard has been working in administration for 30 years. She manages office tasks daily with Wareham & Crowe Electric. 


WCE Staff

Our team is made up of skilled site electricians with many years of combined experience in the electrical industry.

Current roster:

Shane Neimez - Red Seal Electrician

Mike Cote -  Red Seal Electrician

Andrew Glesmann - Red Seal Electrician

Ryan Fleming - Red Seal Electrician

Logan Ferries - Red Seal Electrician

Dan Brunel - Apprentice Electrician

James Paizen - Apprentice Electrician

LP Muhar - Apprentice Electrician