Electrical Vehicles Benefits

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more of a reality with rising fuel costs, EV selection and the many benefits some including lower maintenance, operative costs and environmental impact. Currently the Government of Canada is offering incentives for zero-emission vehicles (iZEV) and has been extended to March 31, 2025. In order to encourage the adoption of ZEVs by Canadians and Canadian business, the government of Canada launched the incentives for zero-emission vehicles (iZEV) program in May 2019. There are many different makes and models of eligible zero-emission vehicles for purchase or lease that provide consumers with the IZEV program incentives of up to $5000. For more information on the incentives program please view the Government of Canada website here: https://tc.canada.ca/en/road-transportation/innovative-technologies/zero-emission-vehicles/incentives-purchasing-zero-emission-vehicles

Contact your local electric vehicle dealerships for more information on the purchase of an EV.

If you do choose electric we would be happy to assist you with finding the correct charging option for your residence or office.

We also have the ability to supply and install multiply charging stations for commercial use here in Manitoba.

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