Lost Productivity and Revenue

Sitting down for dinner, during a cold morning, or in the middle of an extremely warm afternoon - there's no good time for you to suddenly lose power. In Manitoba, we've all experienced the occasional loss of power during a blustery winter storm. There's nothing as unsettling as waking up to an alarm clock that's blinking 12:00.

The weather isn't always the culprit, though. Overloading an older electrical system with too many power-sucking appliances at once cold blow a breaker or something more dangerous. Outdated wiring is more than inconvenient, it could be a fire hazard. Not to mention the issues you'll encounter with a sudden electrical problem.

Waking up late because of a failed alarm, food going bad in the refrigerator, the lack of heat on a freezing morning, or blazing hot days with no fans. Being without power for any amount of time can be more than an inconvenience. But electrical emergencies at your manufacturing plant, food processing facility, or other industrial or commercial building, will cost you productivity.

Never mind the lost revenue, it can also be a safety issue when heavy machinery or equipment suddenly power down. Not to mention computer hardware that can be affected when even a momentary loss of power. From losing an important report to shutting down an entire business network or database.

Decades of Experience

We have decades of experience with power outages and other electrical emergency situations. Whether it's bringing power in from the grid, replacing a failing electrical panel, or simply changing out a faulty breaker, we'll find the issue, make the necessary repairs, and get the home services back online. We work quickly so you can get back to your normal life.

We also understand that any amount of downtime affects your bottom line. In addition to getting your systems back online, we can also add surge protectors and other maintenance control to mitigate future outages. We also offer regular service calls to make sure we can head off any future problems before they happen.

Experiencing a sudden power outage? Contact Wareham & Crowe Electric ASAP. Our emergency crews will quickly assess the situation, secure the area for safety reasons, and get to work. Whether it's your home, your office, or your company, we have experienced professionals for each and every situation.

For more than 65 years, Wareham & Crowe Electric has been the go-to electrical contractor for residential, industrial, and commercial emergency electrical services.

For emergency after hour service please call 1-833-989-4692

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